I am a family & lifestyle photographer who captures the most precious moments and interactions of your family life in modern, authentic way. My integrity for every client is to capture beautiful portraits of their family, that they could display them in their home. Also to enjoy and to remember how much they love each other every single day.  I offer more than a stress-free, short and sweet, professional portrait session, I offer me – who will capture warm connections between parents and children and siblings as well. I will give you an enjoyable experience for your entire family.

The Portrait Experience

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Thank you so much for our beautiful portraits we are absolutely thrilled with them. I couldn't have asked for anything better! Absolutely loved working with Tomas he was a wonder with the kids as they are Young and easily distracted he was quick and efficient and there was no messing around. Which was also great for my elderly grandmother. I wanted a portrait of 4 generations so I was a bit worried how they turn out but needless to say they are absolutely fabulous. The morning of the shoot was a pantomime with the kids and Tomas was so patient and we had great fun. We now have treasured memories that we won't forget and I will be recommending him to everyone! Thanks again Tomas

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My Guarantee

My integrity is to keep you happy with your portraits. You are a busy modern parents and only want to spend on quality products and service. I will take care that your portraits would be printed, framed and presented with quality and professionally. I will do everything that you would love your portrait as much as I love creating them. I will give our guarantee because I am sure you will have the most enjoyable experience and products that you ever had.

“ If you are not happy, I am ready to create a new portraits or to give you all your money back“

My Quality

In order to maintain the highest quality mostly portraits are printed in our own studio Lab using original inks and top range arrival including Hahnemühle Fine Art papers, which ones are delivering more than 100 years highest archival quality. For other products such as metal prints, acrylic and albums we are using trustworthy resources that meets our quality.

“ I am paying big attention to details and quality over quantity “

My Portfolio

The Experience


First of all, I would like to know what exactly you are looking for. Visit me at the studio, plan your portrait session. We will talk over different photography styles and most suitable clothes for the style you pick. What type of portrait would you like to have and how it would be presented at your home. We will go through all of our display options, handmade wooden frames, metal prints, acrylic or you might like to keep them in custom made portrait heirloom box or album.


This is my favorite part of the experience. Ones I know your expectations, then we will be ready for a portrait session. I will help you, your family and especially your children to feel comfortable, relaxed and stress-free during photo session. Your only job is to have fun with your family. I will take care of the rest. My integrity is that your portraits would be able to reflect your family personalities, to be authentic and timeless.


One week after you will come back to see your portraits for first time at the studio and to select your favorite ones. I will advise you how to display portraits on the wall in the way that they will become a part of the interior in your home. 

You will understand, that I am not taking images, but I am creating portraits, which ones you and your family will enjoy for the rest of your life.


After you place an order, your portraits will be enhanced, printed and framed in handmade custom wooden frames. If you wish to have a metal or acrylic portraits, I will send it to trustworthy Lab to hand craft them. Up to two weeks your portraits will be ready for collection. Then you will have an opportunity to show and enjoy your family portraits on your home walls and cherish for years to come. 

Portrait prices

Our children will not be this small forever. Now is the best time to invest in your family heirloom that you can enjoy the memories for the years to come. I am looking forward to start capture these sweet moments of your loved ones !

Portrait session fee starts from €35

Wall portraits fully retouched, printed on archival photo paper, attached on the hard board and mounted in acid free mount board ready for framing starts from €65

Gift size portraits ready for framing available after purchased wall portraits and price starts from €15