Rathsallagh House Wedding Wicklow


Home was a great place to set the mood for the wedding day. I really enjoyed capturing bridal preparation at home as it gives you a chance to get to know her family. The groom’s family was just up the road, so I made a visit to his home also. I was welcomed by everyone except for the dog, which growled all the time.

Wedding ceremony was at Dunlavin Church followed by a reception at Rathsallagh House. It’s Ireland’s most romantic, exclusive and private wedding venue. Only one hour from Dublin airport in west Wicklow on the Kildare border and less than 20 minutes drive from Newbridge, Kildare, Naas or Carlow. I enjoyed walking among the guests to take the best pictures and to document the stories unfold as the hours went by. While the guests enjoyed tea, coffee and wine at the fireplace in warm and cosy reception we went for a short and sweet photo session.

It was lovely to see the sun on the day, which really gave a lovely mood for the pictures on winter wedding. I really enjoyed to document the speeches, it’s all about showing the emotions of all the family and friends. Once a good band was ready to play, dance floor was a perfect place for the guests to end the day.

And as always, in Rathsallagh House, before I left we went for one picture at the three.

It one of best Rathsallagh House Weddings I have done.

Enjoy the photos.